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Growing up trans in Louisiana, I never had access to community or a sense of belonging. When I came out in my early 20's in Arkansas, I realized that little has changed. As a creative writer & nonbinary southerner, I have a dream to bring together a collective of TGNC folks in the region to carve out space for ourselves, our art, & our livelihood. Far too often, the media centers violence against trans folks, but never supports us or speaks of our victories, our stories, our wholeness. TWANG's goal is to celebrate TGNC creatives & pay our community for their work while they are still here. As TWANG is a grassroots creative space, we rely heavily on community support to ensure that we may not only fulfill our immediate goals in 2019 but also launch a sustainable collective that may continue to provide creative space to our community in the years to come. If you can, please share our crowdfunding page widely & donate if you are able. While we do have some funds available through an Artists 360 grant, we truly need your donations in order to fulfill the big picture dreams of TWANG. You can find our launch fund linked here: Your Financial Contribution WILL: x Expand what we are able to pay TGNC folks for their contributions & creative work x Fund an unlimited number of free anthology copies for TLGBQ organizations & individuals in the TGNC community including shipping fees x Contribute to the dream of paying a team of TGNC Southern & Midwesterners to collaborate on events, select contributors, & more x Assist in publishing a print anthology of TWANG x Fund partnership with communities throughout the South & Midwest US to continue Disorderly Conduct, a free TLGBQ creative workshop series, centering trans writers in approach & literary content x Assist in offsetting operational costs such as web fees, advertising & labor Thank you for taking the time to support the livelihood of TGNC artists & writers throughout the South & Midwest. Every step we take together is one step closer to bridging community, one step forward from surviving toward thriving, and one step closer to our shared dream of trans liberation.


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We're Expanding Our Call!

TWANG is stoked to announce that we are now accepting submissions from TGNC folks living in or tied to ANY STATE within the South/Midwest US. Our submission deadline has been extended through May 1st.

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