A TLGBQ Creative Workshop

DISORDERLY CONDUCT is a creative workshop series for the TLGBQ community. The next workshops will be held in:

Lawrence, KS on October 20th, 2019--3p @ Lawrence Public Library. This workshop is co-hosted by Ad Astra Writing Project. For more info, click here

Tulsa, OK on April 13th, 2019--3p @ Dennis R Neill Equality Center.This workshop is hosted co-hosted by Oklahomans for Equality. Register here.

Little Rock, AR on March 29th, 2019--6p @ Lucie's Place. This workshop is hosted by TWANG & Arkansas Transgender Equality Coalition. Register here.

Fayetteville, AR on February 24, 2019--2p @ Mt Sequoyah Retreat Center. This workshop is hosted by TWANG, Open Mouth Reading Series, & InTRANSitive.


We welcome all TLGBQ folks to join us as we discuss poetry, generate new creative work & share our stories with one another. All experience levels are welcome!

Disorderly Conduct will be centering transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming writers in our workshop materials & approach. The workshop itself is open to anyone who is a part of the TLGBQ or TGNC community & will be facilitated by Brody Parrish Craig.


Show up with your self, a pen, and whatever stories you need to tell. This is a FREE event, though we ask that you register in advance if you are able. Registration will help us prepare ample workshop materials but if you forget or can't register in advance, please come join us that day anyway!